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MOGObankconnect is an app that is used as part of a service provider's application and verification process.MOGObankconnect instantly verifies any supported bank account data. It is only required and will only work if a registered provider has requested – and you have agreed to – such a verification and an Access ID has been issued by MOGO.
If you have received a request to download this app, you can rely 100% on MOGObankconnect to do the following:
1. Protect your login credentials. These are not stored by the app and are not visible to anyone except your bank.
2. Securely and discreetly access your bank’s online banking service.
3. Navigate your bank’s site and automatically retrieve the data requested by your Provider and authorised by you.
4. Encrypt the data and return it securely to your Provider.
MOGObankconnect can be retained on your device for any future transactions or deleted from your device after use.
Terms of service: